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A new restaurant has opened in the historic Alli Due Buoi Rossi hotel, designed for the people of Alessandria and for customers passing through the hotel. 

A great young woman is at the helm of the new Bistrot Cavour in Alessandria, Sara Zanotto, aged 25, originally from Bassano del Grappa.

She has always been fascinated by the world of cooking as a tradition handed down through the family. After high school art school, she decided to follow her passion by attending the renowned pastry course at Cast Alimenti in Brescia, whose inspirations include chef patissier Iginio Massari. She then worked as an assistant chef at the Speranzina restaurant in Sirmione.

After a few years, in 2020 she moved to Alessandria to work with Marco Molaro, now Chef at the gourmet restaurant I Due Buoi in Olivola. 

Enthusiastic and determined, she is now at the helm of Bistrot Cavour, the new restaurant of the Buoi Rossi Group, determined to bring innovation and delicacy to the restaurant, recently renovated in its warm colours. 

Few, uncomplicated ingredients, combined in a tasty and original way: simplicity is a serious thing and is expressed, every day, through the creative vein of the new chef who loves to leave a tangible mark of his unconventional and richly emotional cuisine.

A new gastronomic pathway with solid roots in traditional Piedmontese cuisine but which at the same time leads the diner to "play" with food, which here becomes real interaction, through shapes, colours and flavours.

Sara will accompany you on this journey, made up of decomposed recipes to be discovered in his ironic and modern key.